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The pack of three PVC cosmetic pouches is a versatile and practical solution for all your storage needs. This set includes pouches in three convenient sizes: extra large 27X22X7 CMS , large 24X17X6 CMS , and medium 20X13X5 CMS, providing you with the perfect assortment to accommodate various cosmetics, toiletries, and travel essentials.

The extra-large pouch is a spacious gem, ideal for holding bulkier items like hairdryers, skincare products, or even a travel-sized flat iron. Its transparency allows for easy identification of contents, saving you time and effort.

The large pouch is a versatile workhorse, great for stashing your daily makeup essentials, skincare routine, or a selection of toiletries. Its generous size ensures you have room for everything you need without sacrificing organization.

The medium-sized pouch is the perfect travel companion, fitting neatly into your handbag or carry-on luggage. Use it to store smaller items such as lipsticks, compact mirrors, or travel-sized toiletries. Its compact design makes it easy to find what you need on the go.

All three pouches are made from durable PVC material, making them easy to clean and resistant to spills. The sturdy zippers provide secure closure, ensuring your items stay protected. Whether you're at home or on the move, this pack of three PVC cosmetic pouches offers convenience, versatility, and style in one tidy bundle. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized bliss!



Highly recommended!

These PVC makeup pouches have made my life so much easier. I can see everything at a glance, and they're a breeze to clean. Highly recommended!

komal sehgal


I use these pouches for packing my makeup when I travel. They fit perfectly in my suitcase and keep everything neat and tidy.

komal saluja


The PVC material is easy to wipe clean, which is a big plus. These pouches are practical and attractive.

aashna chawla

These pouches are sleek and stylish

These pouches are sleek and stylish. I've received compliments on how well-organized my makeup looks in them.

sanjana singh


My daughter loves these pouches for her school supplies. They're transparent, so she can quickly find her pens and pencils.

sonia khurana

PVC feels durable

I appreciate the quality of these pouches. The zippers are robust, and the clear PVC feels durable.

janvi arora


The versatility of these pouches is impressive. They can hold makeup, toiletries, electronics, or even stationery – the options are endless.

tanvee malhotra


I use one of these pouches to store my jewelry when I'm on the go. It's great for keeping necklaces and earrings tangle-free.

sweta tiwari

pouches is impressive

These PVC pouches exceeded my expectations. They're sturdy, versatile, and make a world of difference in keeping my items organized.

shristhi deora


These PVC pouches are a must-have for anyone who loves organization. They're sturdy, see-through, and come in the perfect sizes.

monica surana

real space-saver

These pouches are a real space-saver. They help me declutter my bathroom countertop and keep my makeup in order.

sakshi chopra

sleek and stylish

The clear PVC is not only practical but also stylish. I love how sleek these pouches look in my bathroom.

renuka gandhi


I'm a frequent traveler, and these pouches are a game-changer. No more rummaging through my suitcase to find my beauty essentials.

akriti gupta


I use one pouch for my makeup, one for my skincare routine, and the smallest for hair accessories. It's an effective way to stay organized.

pooja tiwari

easily accessible

These pouches have become my go-to travel companions. They keep my essentials secure and easily accessible

rani shaikh

Highly recommended

I'm a makeup artist, and these pouches are perfect for organizing my makeup brushes, tools, and palettes. Highly recommended.

priyanka kumra

I'm thrilled with this purchase

I'm thrilled with this purchase. The clear pouches make finding what I need a breeze, and they're easy to wipe clean.

jaspreet kaur

Perfect for gym essentials

Perfect for gym essentials! I keep one in my gym bag for my makeup, one for toiletries, and one for spare clothes.

priya karthik

The quality is impressive

The quality is impressive, and the different sizes are practical for various needs. I'll definitely be recommending these pouches to friends.

sipra khurana


I'm using these pouches for my electronics accessories. Cables, chargers, and adapters all fit neatly, and I can see what's inside.

prena bhatt


I'm using one of these pouches as a mini first-aid kit. It's great to have essentials like band-aids, pain relievers, and antiseptic wipes on hand.

ashi malik

The pouch is great

The small pouch is great for tossing in my handbag, and the larger ones are perfect for travel. No more digging around for my lip gloss!

kriti desai

PVC feels durable

The zippers are sturdy, and the clear PVC feels durable. I'm confident these pouches will last a long time.

kejal shah

they look stylish

These PVC pouches are so versatile. I've even used them to store my kids' art supplies. Easy to wipe clean, and they look stylish.

jayasri gopi


I use one for makeup, one for skincare, and the small one for accessories. It's like having a mini makeup kit wherever I go.

jasleen kaur


I bought these as a gift, and my friend adores them. She says they're perfect for keeping her makeup tidy and accessible.

harshitha Gowda


These pouches are a game-changer for staying organized. The clear design allows me to see everything inside, making my mornings smoother.

avleen kaur

perfect for my daily essentials

I love the different sizes in this set. The small pouch is perfect for my daily essentials, while the larger ones come in handy for travel.

akshi gupta

makeup pouches are fantastic!

These PVC makeup pouches are fantastic! They're durable, easy to clean, and the pack of 3 offers great value.

sruti mishra

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