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Magic Remover- Magic Gel polish remover with free buffer

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₹ 1000 ₹ 500 (50% Off)


How to Use: 1. Remove top coat with a Nail File (FREE Included) 2. Apply enough amount of magic remover to your nails 3. Wait for about 3 minutes (Avoid applying to the skin) 4. Remove the nail gel 5. Finish Caution: 1. Be careful not to apply the magic remover to your skin. 2. The volume is 10ml / 15ml. Since the capacity of the bottle is more than 15ml, the magic remover will not fully filled with the bottle! 3. Keep tightly sealed


Love it!

I can't thank this gel nail polish remover enough! It saved me time and money by allowing me to do my gel manicures at home. Love it!

komal sehgal

It's a must-have for DIY nail enthusiasts.

I was skeptical at first, but this gel nail polish remover exceeded my expectations. It's a must-have for DIY nail enthusiasts.

ashi malik


It's a handy product for gel polish removal. It made taking off my gel nails a breeze, and my nails feel great afterward.

komal saluja

I'm thrilled with the results!

I'm thrilled with the results! This gel nail polish remover tackled my gel manicure with ease and left my nails looking clean and healthy.

aashna chawla

it worked well

I used this to remove gel polish from my nails, and it worked well, but you need to be patient and soak for a bit longer with stubborn colors.

sanjana singh


This gel nail polish remover is a game-changer for at-home manicures. It's effective and doesn't damage my natural nails.

sonia khurana

the result was good

it did a decent job removing gel polish, but I had to soak my nails for a while. Still, the result was good, and my nails feel healthy.

janvi arora


I had a gel manicure that needed a refresh, and this remover made the process so much smoother. My nails look fantastic!

tanvee malhotra

easy to apply

This gel remover works great for DIY gel manicures. It's easy to apply and gentle on my nails during removal.

sweta tiwari

worked like a charm

I used this on my stubborn glitter gel nails, and it worked like a charm. I can't believe how quickly it dissolved the polish.

monica surana

pretty good

The Gel Nail Polish Remover is pretty good. It removed the gel polish from my nails, but I had to soak them for a bit longer.

akriti gupta


I'm amazed by how effective this gel nail polish remover is. It saved me a trip to the salon and left my nails looking great.

pooja tiwari

worth it

I used this gel remover on my gel manicure, and it worked wonders. It took a bit of soaking, but the results were worth it.

jaspreet kaur

Highly recommended

This gel nail polish remover is pure magic! It effortlessly dissolved my gel polish without damaging my nails. Highly recommended.

sipra khurana

pure magic indeed!

The Gel Polish Magic Remover is pure magic indeed! It simplifies the gel polish removal process, saving me time and frustration. The remover effectively breaks down the polish, making it easy to peel off. It's a game-changer for DIY manicures, leaving my nails healthy and ready for the next color.

megha mondal

nail-friendly solution

I'm amazed by the Gel Polish Magic Remover! It completely eliminates the hassle of gel polish removal. Simply apply, wait, and watch the gel polish effortlessly peel off. No more soaking or scraping. It's a time-saving and nail-friendly solution that I highly recommend to all gel polish users.

sneha mondal

effortlessly removes gel polish

The Gel Polish Magic Remover is a lifesaver! In just a few minutes, it effortlessly removes gel polish without any scraping or filing. It's gentle on nails and cuticles, leaving them intact. The formula is effective and easy to use, making it a must-have for gel polish lovers.


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