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Nail Extension kit

Availability : In Stock


₹ 1997 ₹ 599 (70% Off)


DIY nail extension kit! | Salon Like Nails Extension 💅

Welcome to our DIY nail extension kit!

Are you a nail enthusiast looking to try your hand at extensions?
Coslifestore kit has everything you need to get started.
▪️500 Nails (shape Ballerina- this is a very unique shape which facilitates easy shaping of nails into square or round whatever you prefer of your choice
▪️1 Tip box
▪️1 Nail buffer
▪️5g extra strong glue
▪️Tip cutter

Our kit includes high-quality extensions, a professional-grade adhesive, and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

With our kit, you can achieve salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with our clear instructions and top-notch products, you can feel confident in your abilities as you create the perfect look for you.

So why wait?
Order nail extension kit today and start creating beautiful Nails.



I appreciate the convenience of having a comprehensive set like this. The buffer gives a smooth finish, and the glue ensures a long-lasting hold

kejal shah

I'm impressed with the quality

I'm impressed with the quality of these nail tips. The glue dries quickly and holds up well, even with daily activities.

tanvee malhotra

great investment

This nail extension set is a great investment for any nail enthusiast. It has all the essentials, and the glue is truly extra-strong.

jayasri gopi


The tip cutter is a handy addition. It makes trimming and shaping the tips a breeze, and the buffer smooths them perfectly.

sweta tiwari


The tip cutter is a game-changer. It's precise and makes adjusting nail lengths a breeze. The glue holds strong even on busy days.

jasleen kaur


The 500 nails provide incredible value. I've experimented with different shapes and lengths, and the glue keeps them secure for weeks.

monica surana


I'm amazed by the durability of these nails. The set has saved me money on salon visits, and the glue ensures they last for ages.

harshitha Gowda

Perfect for DIY nail enthusiasts

Perfect for DIY nail enthusiasts. The set includes everything you need for stunning extensions, and the nail glue doesn't disappoint.

akriti gupta

Great for beginners

Great for beginners. The included tips are easy to work with, and the glue provides a secure bond without any lifting.

avleen kaur

long-lasting results

As a nail technician, this set is a dream come true. The assortment of tips caters to all my clients, and the glue ensures long-lasting results.

pooja tiwari


I use this set for professional nail extensions, and my clients are thrilled with the results. The extra-strong glue ensures their nails stay beautiful for weeks.

akshi gupta


I'm loving the variety of nail tips in this set. The tip cutter and buffer make prep a breeze, and the extra-strong nail glue lives up to its name.

jaspreet kaur

This set is fantastic

This set is fantastic for nail art enthusiasts. The variety of nail tips allows for endless creative designs, and the glue is strong enough to hold embellishments.

prena bhatt


This nail extension set is a game-changer! The 500 nails provide endless possibilities, and the glue is super strong, ensuring my extensions stay put.

sipra khurana

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