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Pack of 18 Gel Polish and UV lamp+ Top coat Base coat

Availability : In Stock


₹ 7500 ₹ 3000 (60% Off)


Kit includes the following 

■ 18 UV LAMP DRY GEL POLISH (7.5 ML each)

■ 1 TOP COAT (7.5 ML)

■ 1 BASE COAT (7.5 ML)




If you're a fan of a classic, high-gloss finish on your nails, then you'll love this pack from @coslifestore consisting of 18 UV gel polish colors with a top coat, base coat, free mini UV lamp, and color wheel. The kit offers everything you need to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home. 


With 18 different colors to choose from, including bold and bright shades along with more subtle hues, you'll have a wide variety of options to fit any occasion or outfit. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or attending a formal event, this pack has got you covered.


The base coat and top coat are essential components for a long-lasting manicure. The base coat helps protect your natural nails while providing a smooth surface for the polish to adhere to, while the top coat adds an extra layer of protection while providing a high-shine finish.


In addition, the free mini UV lamp is a convenient solution for curing your gel polish. This lamp is small enough to carry with you and can easily fit in your bag for on-the-go manicures.


Lastly, the color wheel is a useful tool for experimenting with different combinations of colors and determining which shades complement one another.


Overall, this pack of 18 UV gel polish colors with top coat, base coat, free mini UV lamp, and color wheel is a fantastic value that offers everything you need for a professional-grade manicure.


Apply base coat

Cure it under the lamp for 60 seconds

Base Coat wont dry, it will be sticky, donot touch your nail

Apply gel polish, cure it under the lamp for 60 seconds

Repeat the process if needed

Please note that the gel polish dont dry off unless you seal it with the top coat

Apply top coat, cure it under the lamp for 60 seconds

and its done!

Enjoy your beautiful nails for 15 days minimum!!


You can either buff it off, or use our gel remover pads- available on our site, or use magic remover- available on our site. 


Great investment

I'm addicted to these gel polishes. The mini UV lamp makes curing a breeze.

komal sehgal

great coverage

Great investment! Gel polishes have great coverage, and the UV lamp is quick.

ashi malik

Outstanding quality

Outstanding quality for the price. Gel polishes stay on well, and the UV lamp is efficient.

komal saluja


I adore this gel polish set. Colors are vibrant, and the UV lamp is a lifesaver.

aashna chawla


Top-notch gel polish collection. The mini UV lamp is perfect for home use.

sanjana singh

super convenient

A gem of a set. Gel polishes are rich and the UV lamp is super convenient.

sonia khurana

amazing quality

These gel polishes are amazing quality. The mini UV lamp is a game-changer for DIY nails.

janvi arora

Fantastic color selection

Fantastic color selection in this gel polish combo. The mini UV lamp is surprisingly effective.

tanvee malhotra

I'm thrilled with this purchase

I'm thrilled with this purchase. Gel polishes apply smoothly and the UV lamp works wonders.

sweta tiwari

Gel polishes are smooth

This set exceeded my expectations. Gel polishes are smooth, UV lamp is a handy size.

monica surana

Impressive quality

Impressive quality, the gel polish combo is a steal. UV lamp is portable and efficient.

akriti gupta

Great value!

I'm in love with these gel polishes! The UV lamp is a bonus, cures perfectly. Great value!

pooja tiwari


The 18 gel shades are vibrant and long-lasting. The UV lamp is small but powerful, cures polish quickly.

jaspreet kaur

This gel polish set is fantastic

This gel polish set is fantastic! A wide range of colors to choose from, and the mini UV lamp works like a charm.

sipra khurana

high-gloss finish

I recently purchased a gel polish kit and was pleasantly surprised by the salon-quality results I achieved at home. The gel polish provided a high-gloss finish that looked just as good as a professional manicure. What I appreciated most was the longevity of the polish. Even with frequent handwashing and daily chores, my nails remained chip-free and glossy for over two weeks. The convenience of being able to do my own gel manicures without stepping foot outside my house is truly a game-changer. I highly recommend this gel polish kit to anyone looking for salon-worthy nails at home.


incredibly pigmented

As someone who loves experimenting with different nail designs, I have found gel polish to be a game-changer. The formula is incredibly pigmented, allowing me to achieve vibrant and opaque colors in just a few coats. The gel consistency also makes it easier to create intricate nail art without worrying about smudging or smearing. Additionally, the chip-resistant formula ensures that my nail designs last for weeks without any signs of wear. If you're a nail art enthusiast like me, this gel polish is a must-have in your collection.


easy to apply

I recently switched to gel polish, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The application process was a breeze, and the formula dried quickly under the LED lamp. What impressed me the most was how smoothly the polish glided onto my nails, leaving behind a streak-free finish. I also noticed that my nails felt stronger and healthier after removing the polish, which was an unexpected bonus. If you're looking for a gel polish that is easy to apply and promotes nail health, this one is a winner.

sneha mondal

glossy shine

I've tried various gel polishes in the past, but this particular one stood out to me for its incredible durability. Not only did it withstand daily activities without a single chip, but it also maintained its glossy shine throughout the entire wear time. The wide range of colors available was another big selling point for me, allowing me to experiment with different shades and styles. If you're looking for a gel polish that delivers on both longevity and aesthetics, this one is definitely worth a try.

megha mondal


I recently tried out a gel polish from a popular brand, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The application was smooth and the color payoff was incredible. The polish lasted for a solid two weeks without chipping or fading, which is a huge plus for me. The shine was also outstanding, giving my nails a salon-quality finish. I highly recommend this gel polish to anyone looking for long-lasting, vibrant nails


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